Event details

Race type: Time trial

Location: Rainford

Date: 15 September, 2018

Liverpool Braveheart 2up TT

From Alex Nurse:

Today was the Braveheart’s 2-up on Rainford, with one Century team (Simon Higgins and myself), and one composite (Philip and George Philip Elliott).

Before the race Simon and I (half) jokingly agreed that we would ride it as a reverse Grand Prix de Gentlemen, in that Simon would tow me around until the last mile.

In reality, that was pretty much the case, with Simon only needed some short periods in my wheel before he resumed kicking my head in, but I’ve included the picture below from Ellen Isherwood to show that I did give him some turns…

We clocked in at 22:29, which by my maths was good enough for 8th overall, staving off the Elliots by 10 seconds.

Simon Higgins / Alex Nurse: 22:29
George Elliott / Philip Elliott: 22:39

Good rides, on what was actually a pretty decent day.

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