Our rides

We host a range of regular rides throughout the year that can depend on the season.

In an attempt to classify these so that people can go on the appropriate ride we have a grading system.

Grade 1: Shorter, flatter routes for those new to cycling
Grade 2: Often rolling with some challenges, should be appropriate for those who have previously done some cycling.
Grade 3: Consistent pace (16mph+) with some hills, appropriate for those who have are more experienced.
Grade 4: Longer hillier rides for regular experienced cyclists (16mph+ up to 100miles).
Grade 5: Fast race-type rides. These are no-wait rides so riders will have to fend for themselves if dropped.

Tuesday/Thursday during the spring/ summer:
Grade 5 South Liverpool Chaingang. 6.30pm Menlove Ave, Liverpool L25 7SB. Contact: Andy Bennett, benno147@blueyonder.co.uk

Wednesday during the spring/ summer
Grade 3 Evening social ride. 6.30pm at The Hub. Contact: Pete Leonard, peter_leonard@hotmail.co.uk

Grade 2 ‘B+Y’ social ride @ 10am Menlove Ave, L25 7SB. Social ride for all, no-one left behind. Same route every week, 35 miles.
Grade 3: Feeder Chaingang. This no-drop ride is aimed at improving rider fitness through the winter. It is around 40miles and heads up to the Bickerstaffe circuit via Aughton. It is led by Tony Weston and leaves the Hub in Knowsley at 9.15am sharp.

Club runs @ 9am from Spike Island, Widnes. (unless otherwise advertised). This is the traditional Sunday ride, ridden at a steady appropriate pace with a cafe stop. Nobody is left behind.

Grade 1/2 Beginners ride for those new to cycling. Short local routes, paced to suit all riders. Cafe stop and nobody is left behind. Contact: Steve Schofield, stephen_schofield@btinternet.com

Grade 3 Intermediate ride of around 50miles, from various starting locations, averaging about 16mph with some hills, usually with a cafe stop.

Grade 4 Advanced ride most Sundays from various starting locations. Longer distances, ridden at a steady pace; may or may not have a cafe stop. Nobody is left behind. Contact: Andy Brookfield andrew.brookfield@aol.com

Up to date ride information is posted on the LCRC Facebook Group:

Ride Rules

  • Riders are expected to use a road worthy bike
  • Wear suitable clothing for the weather
  • Bring a phone and take some numbers from your companions
  • Bring an inner tube and equipment needed to repair a flat tyre (tyre levers, mini tool, pump)
  • Respect your fellow riders and listen to experienced riders when they provide advice
  • If you move ahead of the bunch on a climb or get separated, wait for the group before you meet the next turn/ junction
  • On ‘no-drop’ rides please regroup after each significant hill.

Committee members

Our dedicated committee guide and support Liverpool Century Road Club activities.

On the third Thursday of each month we hold a meeting to discuss current issues that are relevant for the club. Please come along to have your voice heard. 7.30pm @ The George Howard Centre

Club news

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