Event details

Race type: Road race

Location: Litherland

Date: 28 July, 2018

LCRC Litherland Races July 2018

From Andy Stewart

Huge thank you to all of the club members who turned up today to help Marshall the club crits a litherland.
We had a bad start to the day when we got news that rider from the Isle of Man were stuck in harbour at Douglas unable to sail due to the winds. That knocked off a third of the entries before we got there.

We then lost both gazebos, one completely destroyed around us by the wind.

Sound system failed next, taking out the commentary.

Then the first rain in 3 months came and I thought we were cursed.

In the event, the local cycling community showed up and supported the event in enough strength to make the day worthwhile. Thanks to all riders who attended.
Thanks to the BC officials and volunteers who show up each time at litherland also.

A particular thanks though goes to Ian Kendall who just gets on with what he’s doing and says very little whilst I’ve panicked a lot and wound him up. The fact that it went so well despite the setbacks says everything about what a good job he did today.
If the riders from the Isle of Man had made it over he would have had a corker of an event to look back on, which is what his effort deserved.
I think the club can be proud of today with all the kids getting at least some sweets for attending, prizes first to 3rd and cash prizes for winners and primes.
Something to build on I hope.

Full results here including podium positions from a few Centurians including Kate Giddings and Niamh Albones.

Photos from Ellen Isherwood

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