Club Mileage Awards - Final Table.

Here are the mileages for this year’s competition.
Andy Brookfield is the club champion doing over 10,000 miles with Simon Higgins next with 8,900.

The table shows the level people achieved based on 7125 = Gold, 5700= Silver and 3800 for Bronze - the mileages we’re reduced this year due to the covid19 lockdown
Congratulations to all of those who achieved their target mileage and next years period has already started, let’s see if we can all do even more in the next 12 months and hopefully have an uninterrupted year with no COVID like difficulties. Remember this is for riders of all abilities, set yourself a goal and go for it and most important of all - enjoy your cycling.

Andy Brookfield 10260 Champion
Simon Higgins 8904 Gold
Mick Loughran 8502 Gold
Michael Boyes 8382 Gold
Andy Pealing 8332 Gold
Chris Packer 8039 Gold
Graham Prentice 7648 Gold
Dave Hamilton 7508 Gold
Dave Cain 6934 Silver
Ian Duran 6835 Silver
Alan Pope 6784 Silver
Rik Meadows 5934 Silver
Clive Langton 4403 Bronze
Steve Riley 4203 Bronze
Claire Aberdeen 4079 Bronze
Pete Leadbetter 3971 Bronze
Steve Graham 3881 Bronze
Ian Watson 3878 Bronze
Marc Hindle Banks 3828 Bronze
Anthony Cassidy 2055
Geraint Parry 2003
Any Kynman 1836
Phil Elliott 1745
Ian Sephen 1743
Dawn Walker 1593
Rob Sutton 1558
Rebecca Gibson 1434
Mark Young 1160

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