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Race type: Time trial

Location: A bypass in Norwich

Date: 8 September, 2018

National GHS 10

From Andy Stewart:

Took Thomas all the way down to Norwich yesterday for the National TT Championships. More in hope than expectation as he has done little this year at the TT’s (He qualified only because Mick Loughran was on the ball and the organisers were good), we set out on what is possibly one of the most awkward journeys you can take. I drove, Thomas had given me permission for this part, and he had the map, which accounted for why we went via Stanstead Airport outside London (and I am not joking). Eventually getting there in good time, we drove the course. Horrendous and I nearly had kittens. A cross between the Rainford By Pass and the M6, but concrete and with pot holes, we had to have a serious conversation about not doing it. The traffic was heavy and horrendously fast. After last year I was extremely nervous with the whole thing. He was not to be deterred though and stood his ground.

Came back to headquarters to get set up and found George Elliot with Phil, Paula and Tom at the car park, so (regardless of the uniform), there were two Century kids competing. Both went out late on and I took myself off to a bridge to watch. I don’t really watch the TT’s anymore because it makes me too nervous. This made me so nervous that I had to watch, if that makes any sense. In the event, I had it completely wrong (honestly?), watching all the kids go through, the traffic was very, very courteous, pulling out in plenty of time and giving plenty of room. The two lads pulled their absolute tripes out, finishing destroyed and produced massive pb’s. They also finished within a second of each other, which is remarkable, both in the mid to low 20 minutes. It was enough to put them I think, in the mid teens, 15th and 16th (Ed: seemingly actual 13th and 14th). Thomas took almost 90 seconds off his pb, and George similar I think. Long, long, journey home last night, getting in late (Phil and Paula had the good sense to book a hotel in Norwich, I lacked the brains). A good day though and the first time I have haven’t felt the urge to murder him on a long one (I’m worried I may be maturing). Season nearly over, one little trip out left. Exams done, bike broken but still in one piece, physically and mentally and a rest coming. Roll on next year.

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