The joys and trials of e biking Steve Evans MBE.

As I was struggling to keep up with the group on Steve Schofield’s magical mystery
Trail Rides, especially when he throws a hill in, I decided to buy an E bike for my 65th
birthday in April.

After much searching and thought, I plumped for a Kross Hexagon Boost 29er. A good
looking rear wheel drive, see photos.
What joy, it brought the joy of cycling back. It has an eco setting, which is needed all the
time as the bike weighs 24 kg all in and is really too heavy to ride up inclines without a
bit of help from the motor. The boost is fantastic; going up hills, you hardly have to
pedal and can hold a conversation.
According to the maker it is good for 55 miles on one charge. What I have found is that
on ‘eco’ I could get at least 80 to 100 miles without too many hills.
All was going well until the end of the charging cable parted company; no charge no
ride, so I contacted the dealer, who said ‘It’s not a problem, it is under guarantee.’ What
he did not know was the factory was shut for September and there were no spares in
the UK. Six weeks later, we have a new charger and all is well with the world. Lesson
learnt: only buy an ebike with a massive support network.
What really surprised me was that when I rode out on the road with a couple of different
groups, that they didn’t tar and feather me for cheating. #mainlyme.
One thing to note: it is far too heavy to go on the roof rack, so I have got a towball
carrier instead.
Am I glad I got the ebike? Oh yes, it has given me a confidence that I can ride any hill
and any distance I want within reason. E Bikes are the future and they are here now,
especially as you get older and want to keep cycling.

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