Liverpool Century Road Club

Our rides

We host a range of regular rides throughout the year that can depend on the season.

In an attempt to classify these so that people can go on the appropriate ride we have a grading system.

Grade 1: Shorter, flatter routes for those new to cycling
Grade 2: Often rolling with some challenges, should be appropriate for those who have previously done some cycling.
Grade 3: Consistent pace (16mph+) with some hills, appropriate for those who have are more experienced.
Grade 4: Longer hillier rides for regular experienced cyclists (16mph+ up to 100miles).
Grade 5: Fast race-type rides. These are no-wait rides so riders will have to fend for themselves if dropped.

Tuesday/Thursday during the spring/ summer:
Grade 5 South Liverpool Chaingang. 6.30pm Menlove Ave, Liverpool L25 7SB. Contact: Andy Bennett,

Wednesday during the spring/ summer
Grade 3 Evening social ride. 6.30pm at The Hub. Contact: Pete Leonard,

Grade 2 'B+Y' social ride @ 10am Menlove Ave, L25 7SB. Social ride for all, no-one left behind. Same route every week, 35 miles. Contact: Geraint Parry,

Club runs @ 9am from Knowsley Sports Centre (unless advertised). This is the traditional Sunday ride, ridden at a steady appropriate pace with a cafe stop. Nobody is left behind. 9am at the Hub (Gates of Knowsley Velodrome

Grade 1/2 Beginners ride for those new to cycling. Short local routes, paced to suit all riders. Cafe stop and nobody is left behind. Contact: Steve Schofield,

Grade 3 Intermediate ride of around 50miles, averaging about 16mph with some hills, usually with a cafe stop.

Grade 4 Advanced ride most Sundays from various starting locations. Longer distances, ridden at a steady pace; may or may not have a cafe stop. Nobody is left behind. Contact: Andy Brookfield

Up to date ride information is posted on the LCRC Facebook Group:

Ride Rules

  • Riders are expected to use a road worthy bike
  • Wear suitable clothing for the weather
  • Bring a phone and take some numbers from your companions
  • Bring an inner tube and equipment needed to repair a flat tyre (tyre levers, mini tool, pump)
  • Respect your fellow riders and listen to experienced riders when they provide advice
  • If you move ahead of the bunch on a climb or get separated, wait for the group before you meet the next turn/ junction
  • On 'no-drop' rides please regroup after each significant hill.

Committee members

Our dedicated committee guide and support Liverpool Century Road Club activities.

On the third Wednesday of each month we hold a meeting to discuss current issues that are relevant for the club. Please come along to have your voice heard. 8pm @ The Hub in Knowsley.

Club news

The latest Liverpool Century Results and News.