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GOOD NEWS - Liverpool Century – New Club Room

We have a new Club Room

Your committee have been looking around for an alternative venue for quite some time but
finding one has proved difficult.
However, thanks to Phil Mitchell’s sterling efforts on behalf of the club we do now have a great
place to meet.

The address is as follows.
The George Howard Centre
Lickers Lane
L35 3SR

The current coronavirus pandemic precludes us from actually meeting in the short term but
immediately that Boris gives us the all clear we will be up and running and ready to roll in an
excellent venue that is clean, pleasant and suitable for meetings, turbo sessions, presentations,
etc., something to look forward to indeed.
Meetings will then be every Thursday evening 7.15pm to 9.15pm there’s plenty of on-site
parking and you can bring your bike in.
It is hoped that this move to what is a particularly well appointed social centre will encourage
more members to attend especially as we plan to stage presentations and events from time to
time kicking off with a talk by Graeme Veevers on the latest science behind proper bike fitting
and the benefits thereof, other suggestions welcome.
Again, we have Phil Mitchell to thank for originally suggesting this move and for successfully
negotiating terms with Whiston Town Council.

Committee members

Our dedicated committee guide and support Liverpool Century Road Club activities.

On the third Thursday of each month we hold a meeting to discuss current issues that are relevant for the club. Please come along to have your voice heard. 8pm @ The George Howard Centre

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